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We at Ace Material Placing provide customers with high quality rental equipment services. The equipment we ofer includes the Heat King 300, Somero S240, concrete blankets and more.


Heat King 300

Tamarack Industries presents the Heat King Mobile Glycol Heating System – a faster way to prepare foundation sites and cure concrete in cold weather. Heat King also saves on labor, speeds preparation and lowers energy costs by as much as 80%

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The drive-in SpiderScreed™ machine was designed to be lightweight and powerful, featuring a 100% TIG welded tubular aluminum cage design that keeps overall weight down to approximately 1,100 lbs. (500kg).  Its patent pending 3-wheel Versa-Drive system offers all-wheel drive, independent zero turn drive, up to 90° horizontal drive, and lateral drive.  It offers the industry’s best power to weight ratio (55 lbs. (25kg) per horsepower), allowing lower slumps and cooler running at all times.  It also incorporates Ligchine’s patented machine leveling system to insure flatter floors and greater compaction than simple screed head only leveling systems.

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Concrete Blankets

Concrete Curing Blankets are one of the most popular lines of Powerblanket products because Powerblanket has changed the conventional method of transferring heat to concrete by providing uniform heat across the entire blanket. These insulated concrete blankets eliminate hot and cold spots, reduce downtime, and increase profits.

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Somero S240

Laser Screed

The laser screed offers much quicker screed times than conventional concrete construction, while requiring a minimum of setup time. The laser screed also offers superior quality and accuracy, for commercial floors and for paving.   

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Contact Joey 608-558-5388

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ACE MATERIAL PLACING is proud to partner with Hatch Building Supply and offers Hatch Building Supplies from our Evansville, LaCrosse and South Wayne locations. 

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